Creative Professional Live Music & Gig Photography by Tim Whelan.

I also photograph a large number of live music gigs around Ireland I am also the official photographer for the well known Irish band Vann Music and was on tour with the band in 2013 and 2014 capturing the live shows in every epic detail.


Photographing live gigs in no easy feat, generally the lighting is inadequate and it can be a very fast paced environment usually with limited time to get that great shot. I always look for that special moment and strive to think outside the box for unusual angles and compositions that make my gig images unique.


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Scroll down to see some of my Live Gig Images ↓ Click on images below to view full frame

c22-VANNTINA052414_6.jpgc45-VANNTINA052414_8.jpgc60-VANNTINA052414_14.jpgc90-VANNTINA052414_9.jpgVANNTINA052414_23.jpgVANNTINA052414_27.jpgVANNTINA052414_39.jpgVANNTINA052414_45.jpgVANNTINA052414_64.jpgVANNTINA052414.jpgc1-062413vannseasessions_13.jpgc12-IMG_7199.jpgc13-IMG_7220.jpgc21-IMG_7380.jpgc25-TWP_7690 copy.jpgc3-IMG_7374.jpgc41-TWP_7673.jpgc48-IMG_3839vannfirstfourt.jpgc49-062413vannseasessions_2.jpgc6-IMG_3973vannfirstfourt.jpgc71-IMG_3983vannfirstfourt.jpgc78-IMG_7174.jpgc88-IMG_7268.jpgc89-TWP_7680.jpgc99-IMG_6684.jpgIMG_3692vannfirstfourt.pngIMG_3765vannfirstfourt.pngIMG_3960vannfirstfourt.pngIMG_7220.pngIMG_7258.png


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