Photo Restoration @ Tim Whelan Photography


Don’t hide your old photographs away!



Have you got old photographs you would like restored? Now more than ever people are displaying their old family photos. The only issue most of us face if the condition of the images. Through no fault of our own poor storage and possibly handling of the photographs causes significant damage.
We restore your treasured photograph to it’s original quality or better.


The image below for example was only 20 x 30mm in size. It was scanned at a very high resolution and worked on in the larger size. This allowed us to restore more detail and the final print was considerably larger.






Another example of an old family photograph




Your old photographs are a very valuable link to your past, looking after your photographs is as important to us as showing them to friends is to you.
Working on a digital copy (from a scan) of your original image ensures your original picture remains exactly as you provided it. We also understand the value that unique photographs hold to the owner and are aware that many people will be nervous of sending us their priceless photographs. All photographs will be treated with respect and stored correctly until returned.
Please feel free to ask any questions regarding photo restoration at Tim Whelan Photography. Email to the following link for more information:
We also offer a retouching service for modern digital photographs, sharpening, dust removal, colour correction etc. Prices are as follows:
The prices for retouching and repair jobs are guide prices only – a precise quote based on these prices will be given on viewing of the original photograph and clarification of final print size.


Type Of Work Price
 Prices are all starting prices (per hour)
Colour Correction €10.00
Tears / Folds / Scratches €12.00
Stain Damage €15.00
Dust / Spot Damage Removal (dependent on original image size) €15.00
Ink Removal €13.00
Removal Of Objects / People (dependent on complexity) €21.00
Replacement Of Missing Parts €16.50
Colourisation (starting price €18.00


PRINTING (from restored image)
Size Price
4″x6″ €3.00
4″x4″ €3.50
5″x7″ €4.00
5″x5″ €4.50
6″x6 €5.00
8″x6″ €9.00
8″x8″ €10.00
10″x8″ €13.00
12″x8″ €15.00
14″x11″ €18.50
16″x12″ €24.00
18″x12″ €28.00
Delivered on CD €50.00